TOYO KITCHEN STYLEは斬新で先駆的なデザイン、そして他のメーカーとは違った視点でキッチンの機能を考えている事では評価を頂いていますが、使ってる素材そのものに関しの考え方は従来あまり表には出してきませんでした。今日はその話です。




I have visited Paris for a while, so I took a day off on this page, but I will resume from today.
Today is the basic performance and material of the parts used in the kitchen.
TOYO KITCHEN STYLE is innovative and pioneering design, and evaluation is gotten by thinking about the function of the kitchen from a different viewpoint from other manufacturers, but the way of thinking concerning the material itself using is not so much in the table I did not make it out. Today ‘s that story.
As a basic way of thinking, we use the best materials used, and by doing VA on ourselves, we avoid the loss of texture of the material and at the same time perform performance tests that seem to be overspecified We made a kitchen making based on the idea of ​​increasing the durability of the kitchen to the utmost. Of course, even companies say that it is what human beings do and products are handmade one by one, so we have built a unique quality control system different from mass production manufacturers for over 10 years now I have been working on it.
I think there are still some points that will not be reached, but I will continue to make products that can satisfy customers continuously.
– This story will continue.


暫くパリにパリコレの視察に行ってきましたので、少しこのページも休みを取らせて頂きましたが、本日より再開します。 今日はキッチンで使われている部材の基本的な性能や材質の話です。 TOYO KITCHEN STYLEは斬新で先駆的なデザイン…

CEO TOYO KITCHEN STYLEさんの投稿 2017年3月9日(木)