TITLE:Official Kartell Shop

予てより全国展開を企画してきたOfficial Kartell Shopのオープンがようやく始まりました。 先週末には鹿児島、高知、今週末には大津と続きます。予定では夏までに全国で14、15店舗のKartell Shopが誕生する予定です。従来の日本でのKartell製品は、まとまって見る事が出来るショップは東京と大阪にしかなく、単品での展示が全国の家具店、インテリアショップで展示されていただけなので、インテリア・家具ブランドというより雑貨的なイメージが定着していたと思います。

TOYO KITCHEN STYLEが新たにKartellの取り扱いを始めるに当たって、一番重要に考えたは、このイメージをどう変えて行くのかということでした。その為、全国にまとまってKartell製品を見ていただける場所を作る必要があります。全国の家具、インテリア、建築関係の方で、このプロジエクトに賛同頂ける方を募り、その方々を各地の代理店として取り扱いを認めさせていただく事で全国のKartell Shopを立ち上げて頂いています。


The opening of the Official Kartell Shop, which had planned nationwide expansion from the beginning, finally began. Last weekend we will continue with Kagoshima, Kochi and this weekend Otsu. By the summer, 14,15 shops of Kartell Shop will be born nationwide by summer. In traditional Japanese Kartell products, there are only shops that can be seen together in Tokyo and Osaka, and exhibits with single items were only exhibited at furniture shops nationwide, interior shops, so they are more sundry goods than interior furniture brands I think that the image was firmly established.
But when looking at the world, Kartell thinks that it is common sense if people who are familiar with the world’s interior circumstances have established Imsey as a brand of interior furniture.
When TOYO KITCHEN STYLE newly started handling Kartell, the most important thought was how to change this image. For this reason, we need to create a place where you can see the Kartell products collectively throughout the country. We are launching nationwide Kartell Shop by nationwide furniture, interior and architectural relationships, recruiting those who can approve of this project, and allowing them to handle it as an agency in various places.
Kartell not only has attractive products, but with its distinctive world view and the world’s best plastic processing technology, we will make Kartell products more established in Japan through this project in Japan.