INO Premium A Premium for the Few. A Kitchen with “Material Beauty” beyond Imagination.

INO LEONE Leo,Beautiful kitchen [iNO LEONE] is born.

INO Flagship model of Toyo kitchen Your own kitchen style is born.

CORE High-end model mastering the system Each detail fascinates viewers.

BAY Standard model consolidating the functions Style simple and easy-use.

ISOLA Linear Objet in a space Kitchen as an art.

ISOLA Kitchen having a golden proportion form Style born for island.

ISOLA SUSga Stainless steel block Kitchen mastering stainless steel.

PORTO All fascinations bring together Reliable kitchen used regularly for all time.

PUTTON Idea of topping with kitchen Becoming kitchen with only putting it.

3D-sink 3D sinks focused on cooking techniques approved by professionals.

Standing in a comfortable posture, cooking is done with little movement.

Bending at the waist to work to apply force when kneading dough or other tasks can be done in a low position. Cutting ingredients can be done at an optimum body position. You can adjust the height of the 3D sink by changing the three-layer ribbed structure to work in the most natural position. Put an end to working at inappropriate positions in the kitchen. Moreover, cooking and dishing up can be done on the sink. You can work efficiently even in a small kitchen. Make cooking easier than ever by working to your own plans.

The 3D sink is a multi-purpose built unit that realizes a zero workflow. Slide plates and cutting board settings minimize work movements. Patent number 3169870