History of innovation

Kitchen with a firm concept is timeless.



A modern kitchen unit, with emphasis on its existence as an interior design, and aim for a relaxing, enjoyable kitchen space rather than just for practical use. Japanese traditional "Urushi (lacquer)" is adopted as the kitchen panel material. This model created a new era of kitchens.
The kitchen concept still remains unchanged.



An epoch‐making kitchen which is based on the concept of an Italian kitchen that emphasizes on cooking with mixed materials that are selected to suit each essential function.
"Cloth" is used for doors of the kitchen unit for the first time, with focus on the kitchen as a part of an interior design in every aspect. In addition, this kitchen created a sensation for its high quality handcrafted finish.



This kitchen has adopted an Italian design as a whole, and is the base design for the present B-Bay series. The original model of 2D "multi-function sink". The door color is painted in Italy; the main color is red.
This is an epoch-making kitchen which generally spread the image of "TOYO KITCHEN = Italian design".


Cooking core ino

A kitchen pursuing both authentic cooking and interior design. Main door color is teakwood of yacht decks made in Italy.
A kitchen unit placed in a limited width like furniture, rather than using a full width of a room. Open space at the foot to ensure AF (air flow), and a newly developed 3D-sink. Also, the base model for "TAVO" emerged.



Deviating from the concept as a kitchen, this is a communication unit that is considered as a core room of living space. A free and bold layout beyond the conventional kitchen layout was made possible as if it were a part of furniture.
An epoch-making model with sophisticated design offering a new lifestyle.



Inorganic stainless steel shows an existence as if it started moving like a organism. ISOLA S, an island kitchen changes its forming for various space and use, is an revolutionary model for kitchen in the near future.
The complicated and beautiful curved line can be expressed as " fusion of art and craft" created by ultimate handwork.


A dramatical work top that stands with a single column creates wide space underneath and its existence is a geometric objet d'art. People gather as they enjoy the kitchen as the core space.
ISOLA.T is a kitchen that realizes a communication space in modern architecture.



A model totally designed from scratch with aim to create a genuine island kitchen. This kitchen gives a beautiful and light impression from every angle with upgraded solidness.
This is the ultimate island kitchen reflecting the long years of experience and philosophy of TOYO KITCHEN.



Type 2 is the succession model of innovative ISOLA type 1 launched in 2005.
An innovative design unifying the range hood with the work top with straight lines and solidness added to the popular Peninsula-type base.
A module with the idea of "originality"was clarified in comparison to the previous kitchen unit.


V-shaped form of 135 degrees is adopted, which is the angle of naturally opening both hands.
An island kitchen proposed in pursuit of more open space and "no line of flow" by "integrating the person and the kitchen".
Also, a new concept has been added that allows a free usage of the kitchen by installing the drawers, sink, and heating appliances in a desired position.


ISOLA Linear

Pursuit of a kitchen as a work of art with the theme, "objet d'art of space". A bold cantilever structure that generates a sense of floating and tension drastically changed the conventional image of space. This was the first attempt to apply decorative Venetian mosaic by proposing the complete integration with the range hood.