The beauty of technique and material

Craft succeeded to today.

We have been pursuing high quality since our foundation.

We realize high precision, quality and design by adopting the best materials and skilled craftsmanship which cannot be achieved by mass production.

Craft work that deepens the affection over time.

We value the craft work of craftsman.

For example, the sink.
Instead of forming a sink by simply thinning and pressing, TOYO KITCHEN careful bends, strikes, welds, and polishes a plate material to form a thick sink.

The sink will endure long-time use, and profound quality as well as usability will increase over time.

Carefully selected materials.

We have been focusing on kitchens made of "stainless steel".

High quality stainless steel of "SUS304" is used.
This material is durable and robust, and is superior compared to natural stone because it absorbs shock with adequate flexibility.

The stainless steel is also antibacterial, free from smell or stain, and therefore is highly reliable in a sanitary aspect.
Stainless steel is adopted in most kitchens for professional use and is the most suitable material for the kitchen.

A beautiful finish that exceeds the real thing.

The HPL (high pressure laminate) adopted by TOYO KITCHEN boasts its strong durability.

Light-resistant material that maintains its colors for over 20 years even in severe circumstances of the kitchen.

Beautiful designs that exceed the real thing created by the latest digital printing technology and the deep, complex surface texture, which is a proprietary technology, was developed by the long-lasting partnership with a European brand.

Unconventional and unique pursuit for beauty.

The mainstream kitchen layout is island type.
The exposure of the kitchen to the living room and dining room raises the necessity of refining the kitchen design so that it will blend in with the LDK space.

Design, the cutting-edge trend of interior, the texture and details that determines perfection and the artistic elements that makes life richer.
Products that are produced based on the original design philosophy is novel and can be enjoyed for years.