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The one thing TOYO KITCHEN STYLE has always been in pursuit of... Is the beauty of materials.
For the INO Premium Series, we have carefully examined various materials from the traditional to the modern in order to draw out their attractiveness for use in kitchens. The world of arts and crafts offers extraordinarily sophisticated handiwork. Then, we fuse this with cutting-edge kitchen design. The result: kitchens made with unimaginably beautiful materials.


Kitchens with a wealth of mirrors.

Venice, the origin of mirrors

Venice, the sacred land of glasswork. People tend to relate Venetian glass to organic designs and colorful glass work, but in fact, modern mirrors were also first made in Venice.

In 1317, a Venetian glass atelier invented a way to make mirrors with high reflectivity by treating the back of glass with silver. This is the origin of today's mirrors. It is said that the mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles were also the work of Venetian craftsmen. We have found a Venetian atelier who continues to make mirrors to this day, and we have realized a special design.

The first design in the world
to exploit these techniques

Covering the entire kitchen unit are mirrors handmade at this Venetian glass atelier.

These mirrors bear beautiful classic floral patterns created by the engraving technique(*) of experienced craftsmen. Also, by diagonally cutting the circumference of each mirror, the glass glitters and a three-dimensional effect is created. For the silver surface treatment, real silver is manually vapor-dispositioned and is coupled with an antique treatment applied throughout to achieve a gentle and deep reflectivity which allows the whole kitchen unit to merge beautifully into the scenery.

(*) Engraving technique
One of the cold-working processes applied after the glass has hardened. The techniques of experienced craftsmen are required to draw patterns onto the glass surface entirely by hand. It is not suitable for mass production.

Custom-made by
Venetian craftsmen

Venetian craftsmen produce each mirror by hand to fit your kitchen in order to create a kitchen completely unique in the world.


The beauty of gold leaf. Bringing traditional hospitality into the present day.

The beauty of gold leaf, a traditional form of expression used since the ancient times in Japan. The magnificent shine of gold applied to the exterior and interior of architecture and on folding screens mesmerizes people and represents a warm welcome and celebration. We took the beauty of gold leaf and the traditions of hospitality and intertwined them to create a modern kitchen. A kitchen that welcomes guests with warm hospitality, and enhances the beauty of its surroundings. This encounter between the ultimate handicraft and Kanazawa gold leaf generates extreme authenticity.

Covering the kitchen with Kanazawa gold leaf.

A traditional craft technique fostered by the wealthy Kaga domain. Of the many craft techniques, Kanazawa gold leaf craft is one of the leaders and serves as a foundation of traditional Japanese beauty. It arose out of the humid weather, clean water, skillful craftsmanship, and climate and culture of the Hokuriku region.. A premium kitchen employing this Kanazawa gold leaf which captivates people worldwide. Elegant and dignified doors produced in collaboration with the elaborate handicraft of Hakuichi Inc.'s experienced craftsmen. The gold leaf surface with creases intentionally left in has an ever-lasting glow, and a feel of splendor and warmth.

Hakuichi Inc.

Located in Kanazawa, the greatest producing area of gold leaf in Japan, Hakuichi is the only manufacturer with an integrated production line from manufacturing to processing and the determination to produce its own gold leaf. Hakuichi Inc. has released a succession of traditional craft products with a hint of modern inspiration, and is highly regarded in Japan as well as overseas.

A masterpiece of tremendous effort and sensitive handiwork.

Gold leaf is produced through the diligent repetition of gold-beating (stretching) and affixing processes to make thin sheets 1/10,000 mm thick. Each sheet of gold leaf is carefully produced through the time and effort of a dedicated craftsman rich in experience, using inimitable skill.

Genuine Kanazawa gold leaf with a texture that touches the heart.

A kitchen wrapped entirely in gold leaf has been created in collaboration with Hakuichi, Inc. of Kanazawa. The elegant and dignified color is unrivaled. Every unit is made by hand with the utmost care. The ever-lasting shine of gold will continue to mesmerize everyone who gathers in the kitchen.

  • Door Material: Gold
  • Door Material: Silver

Free combinations of kitchen work top and storage units can be ordered to suit your lifestyle.

For the INO Premium Series, the direction of storage units and the work top size can be selected to suit your needs. Cupboards with doors have been newly added to the line in order to create your ideal kitchen.


Gleaming carbon-fiber
Make the V-LAND stage the symbol of your lifestyle.

We focused on the beauty of the cutting-edge material, carbon fiber. Deep solidity and shine is achieved by laminated layers of twill weaved carbon fiber sheets with a piano finish. Its beauty as a material has been further emphasized.

Door Material: Carbon fiber

Doors made of carbon fiber with a piano finish. Deep solidity and shine in the texture is achieved by laminated layers of twill weaved carbon fiber.

Door Material: Glass fiber

Door produced with a focus on the beauty of twill weaved fibers. The twill weave enhances the elegant gleam of the platinum glow unique to glass fiber. Deviating from the original use of the material, this is the result of adopting a design-led viewpoint.


Order your own choice of color from 1,312 variations.

A color that makes you shine.
Choose from 1,312 color variations.

The color of your kitchen will enrich your lifestyle and complement your individuality. AZUL is an epoch‐making system which offers you a choice from an extraordinary variety of 1,312 colors. The delicate yet robust surface finish produced through many layers of handiwork has a powerful presence just like a piece of luxury furniture.

Door panels can be either mirrored or matt in a color selected from a total of 1,312 variations.

Colors for AZUL's door panels are all custom made. All colors comply with the standard paint colors of the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association. For the door panels, you can choose from either mirrored or matt finishes. (1,312 color variations)

Door Handle

Astonishing, integrated stainless steel handles, and a contemporary handleless option Babylon. A free selection of handle type.
The Flat Bar Handle is a beautifully polished integrated stainless steel handle with no joints. Using this handle as a base, a wide range of other effects have been created by further refining the finish. A selection from four handle types including the handleless option Babylon are available in the AZUL Series.


Jewelry for spaces that place the greatest value on beauty.

An exquisite sparkle radiating unparalleled individuality will become part of your home's interior.
The encounter between Swarovski and TOYO KITCHEN STYLE.

Beautiful crystals sparkling in the kitchen. Approximately 15,000 Swarovski crystals extravagantly and precisely arranged on the door handles beautifying the space and creating a kitchen that's just like a piece of jewelry. The INO Crystal offers an evocative interior experience by going far beyond the boundaries of conventional kitchens. We propose a completely new style that will become a symbol of your home.

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