Strong and Elegant. Uncompromising quality.

In order to use a kitchen for a long time, it must be strong and elegant.
The quality and design that cannot be achieved by mass production is created by the craftsmanship of advanced stainless steel processing and carefully selected materials.

3D sink

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No line of flow that makes cooking easy and enjoyable.

Our unique idea was realized by taking full advantage of the sink space three-dimensionally, which used to be a wasteful space only used for washing. Various work, from preparation, using the cutting board to serving can be carried out without loss.

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Beautiful until the end.

Stainless steel processing by sophisticated craftsmanship has realized a large-sized sink which is wider at the bottom. There is plenty of space to wash frying pans and large pots and water splash can be prevented.

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Work top

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Decorate the kitchen with the worktop.

Emblem, an innovative stainless steel work top. A decorative work top created exclusively by TOYO KITCHEN STYLE with the philosophy of kitchen as the center of interior.

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A material approved for medical use.

Stainless steel is the most suitable material for kitchen work tops where hygiene and durability against severe conditions such as heat, shock and friction are required. "SUS304" that is approved for medical use due to its durability against corrosion is used as a standard material.

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A comfortable and elegant floating kitchen.

The "airflow" that only we can suggest, are legs that make the kitchen float. The longer the use, the more elegance as part of an interior and comfort is promised by this kitchen. Realized only because of its solid basic structure.

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The air circulation gets rid of the "hot" and "cold".

By lifting the kitchen from the floor, air circulation of the room is not inhibited and efficient air conditioning is enabled. There is no need to be worried about being "hot" or "cold" during cooking.

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Door panel

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A perfect touch to your kitchen.

HPL (high pressure laminate), which is durable against everyday stress (heat, water, stain, scratch), is used for kitchen door panels. The colors of the light resistant material stay intact for over 20 years and is optimum for long years of use.

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Being specific in every detail.

In order to maintain the kitchen in a mint condition under moist conditions, Austrian particle boards that are eco-friendly and highly moisture resistant are used in all the parts composing a kitchen unit.

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Storage that changes space into art.

From storage that is merely used as a place for putting things away to the best partner for the kitchen which is the core of the family and interior. We offer a new style of storage.

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An ideal storage with the desired combination.

Wide range of size variations that even fits the microwave. Wall-mounted storage and the counter can be arranged in a desired combination to suite your needs.

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Range hood

Handmade ventilation will have an impact on the kitchen. Easy maintenance.


Accessories that personalizes your kitchen. A specific faucet can make everyday washing enjoyable.

Gas & induction cookers

A free combination of appliances with high functionality and exquisite designs that go well with the stainless steel work top.

Floor unit

Large-capacity storage drawers. There is no need to worry about storage shortage anymore.

Wall unit

The wall unit that can be mounted at eye level can be opened and closed with a single finger.


A large-capacity dishwasher with great design and power makes your washing effortless, and is also surprisingly quiet.


A high power oven is indispensable for authentic cooking.

Freezer & refrigerator

A simple and elegant, built-in type stainless steel refrigerator.


A product guarantee system for many years of comfortable use and exclusive services for members are available.

For whom pursues the ideal. The perfect peripheral items.

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We offer interior space with total coordination that reflects originality.


A history of kitchen innovation. Unconventional challenges still continues.

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Committed to craftsmanship and material selection, with pursuit for the best quality and design.