3D-sink®× ICE

3D sink and work top are linked with [ICE]

A new ice pattern embodying drift ice is newly introduced to 3D-sink which changed the concept of kitchen sink
The pattern of ice that was born by special press technology is totally new stainless steel texture design with Toyo kitchen style arriving.

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3D sink ice corresponds to work top ice. The cooking plate and the drain plate are also ice specifications
Sink: W110 / D56 / H25cm、 cooking plate: W45 / D55.7 / H1.7cm、 chopping board: W35 / D51.4 / H2cm、 multi plate: W45 / D55.7 / H1.7cm

It is inspired by the drift ice of the nature
It features random, deep and rough wrinkles, and the facial expressions can feel warmth like a person's skin somewhere
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Patent pending

The "parallel prep sink" PARALLELO

We've evolved the Toyo Kitchen Style 3D sink in new ways and arrived at PARALLELO; the "parallel prep sink"that represents a whole new kitchen concept. Based on the concept of a sink where the whole family can gather and have fun cooking, PARALLELO features multi-purpose plates and chopping boards that slide in all directions working to maximize usage of the sink which means everyone can enjoy cooking and chatting together.

Enjoy cooking side-by-side. "Parallel prep sink"

Designed for side-by-side working.
The key to a sink where the family can enjoy cooking together is the absence of any cramped feeling, even when you're all working side-by-side.
As part of a design that creates ample space to work side-by-side, PARALLELO features left and right taps in order that two people can use the sink at the same time.
It creates the ideal environment for culinary collaboration; whether you're cooking as a couple, or keeping an eye on a little helper cooking alongside you.
A 100% open sink.
A square sink with a compact width that makes maximum use of the sink space. The ribbed structure (patent pending) which allows the plates to slide in every direction enables use of the maximum sink width even with the plates in place.

A multi-purpose sink.

TOYO KITCHEN STYLE's unique concept is to use a spacious sink to cut vegetables and meat, clean fish, serve dishes, and cook.
PARALLELO's exclusive multi-purpose plate and cutting board can be used according to the cooking stages, and bring a convenience to cooking and washing up.
Three dimensional working is also possible just like with our conventional 3D sinks. The 3D sink further evolved into PARALLELO, helping you to realize your ideal kitchen life.

The cutting board can be stored inside the multi-purpose plate.
The cutting board set inside the multi-purpose plate can be used turned over. It can be useful when you need to apply force, for instance, when you knead dough for bread or pasta, or when you cut a watermelon or pumpkin. The lower rib is designed 10 cm below the work top on the basis of calculations using human dynamics of the most efficient angle for applying force.
* The dish plate is optional.
Seamless with the work top and kitchen doors.
The surface finish, Ice (SUS304), has a special press pattern with wrinkles which match the work top and new kitchen doors (Skovla). The work top, sink, and kitchen doors unite, creating a beautiful look.
Feel at ease even when you have unexpected guests.
The sink can be covered.
Turn over the cutting board set inside the multi-purpose plate and you have a solid stainless steel plate. And if you set it on the lower rib, you can easily apply force to cut hard things like watermelons.
The structure of the 3D sink is unchanged.
The over-hanging structure is the same as the conventional 3D sinks.
It prevents water from splashing inside and outside the sink.

3D sink

Patent number: 3169870

The "dimension" of use is different.

Taking full advantage of sink space three-dimensionally, which was wasteful space only used for washing.
An epoch-making multi-functional sink that enables various tasks to be carried out with no line of flow.

Make the most of a sink three-dimensionally.

By fully using the top, middle and bottom layers of the sink three-dimensionally, everything can be done in the sink without making a mess in the kitchen. The sink which is wider at the bottom provides plenty of space to wash frying pans and large pots and water splash can be prevented.

Top layer
The work top can be extended by setting the cooking plate on the top layer, which is convenient when serving dishes.
Middle layer
The height is perfect for draining, kneading dough for bread and noodles, and is optimum for working with force, for example tenderizing meat.
Bottom layer (bottom of the sink)
The wide bottom enables the use of large pots and frying pans as well as large ingredients.
Water flows into the sink with the slits on all sides of the plate.

Exclusive four-way movable plates.

A robust "cooking plate"

A robust 1.5 mm-thick working plate with a load resistance of 100 kg that can be set on the top and middle layers. Work top can be extended with this plate for a wider cooking space.

A storable "cutting board"

The cutting board can be easily slided in and out from under the cooking plate on the top layer. The cutting board made from high-quality resin is easily washable and can be always kept clean.

A light-weight "multi-functional plate"

The light-weight multi-functional plate that can be set to the top and middle layers moves smoothly. Holes punched to the edge of the plate enables water to drain, which keep the plate dry and hygienic.

Flexible use in however you desire.

By flexibly combining the exclusive plates, various work, from preparation, using the cutting board to serving can be carried out without loss.

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  • Draining water

    Washed vegetables can be drained on the multi-functional plate set in the middle layer. This facilitates smooth flow in cooking.

  • Cutting vegetables

    The cut vegetables go directly into the bowl below. Work becomes more efficient.

  • Pouring off hot water

    The middle layer of the sink is ideal for draining vegetables and pouring off hot water. By using the punched multi-functional plate, draining is easy and safe.

  • Dress a fish

    Drop the removed intestine to the bottom of the sink. A fish can be dressed cleanly by applying water on the cutting board.

  • Kneading dough

    By setting the cooking plate in the middle layer, physical labor like kneading dough for bread and noodles can be carried out in a comfortable position.

  • Serving

    A space for serving can be created by setting the cooking plate on the top layer. Dishes can be served as you slice on the cutting board.

  • Cover

    The sink can be covered by sliding the plates. Used pans and dirty dishes can be hidden underneath.

  • Washing up

    The washed dishes can be put away in the wall unit in front of you. Washing is easier than ever.

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G sink

* Can be mounted on CD-LAND, C-LAND, MEGA KITCHEN

A large-sized sink where communication spreads.

Functions of the 3D sink remains.
"A wider size to facilitate several people to use the sink simultaneously without stress with the same usability as the patented "3D sink" which allows cooking at the sink.
Washing and cooking preparations can be carried out swiftly from any three directions of the sink.
Of course
Enjoy cooking with your family.
Several people can cook together surrounding the sink.
So much new fun centered around the kitchen. One person can cook while the other does the washing, or food education can be provided by cooking together with your child.

4D sink

Patent number: 3650352

A sink with an underneath storage.

Underneath storage is a new invention: storage for unwashed dishes. With a deeper sink structure of 40 cm, and ribs increased to four layers, cooking and storing can be carried out simultaneously. Used pots can be kept at the bottom of the sink temporary, while you work on the next task. Everything can be placed temporarily in the sink and covered, should an unexpected visitor arrive. The 4D sink with underneath storage allows you to organize your cooking exactly the way you want.

Four-layered structure with a depth of 40 cm.
Keep unwashed dishes underneath.
Wash them all together in the end.

2D sink

Efficient use of top and bottom layers of the sink.

The sink has two layers, the cooking plate on the top layer and cutting board on the bottom layer. The plates can be slided sideways to a preferable position. On the other hand, the space inside the sink is perfect for draining washed vegetable and temporarily storing unwashed pots and frying pans. Cooking efficiency can be drastically improved by using the top and bottom layers of the sink simultaneously.

A stylish and highly functional equipment that enriches the kitchen space

For whom pursues the ideal. The perfect peripheral items.

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