Choose the storage of as the interior.

Only from storage to put away the things, for the kitchen to be the center of family and interior,
Best to partner to become housing. We propose a new form of storage.


Sculpted simplicity.

At TOYO KITCHEN STYLE, we think the best kind of storage is designed to match the kitchen and surrounding interior while being easy to use. For our latest Orland storage, we use two kinds of mirror doors which fit naturally into LDK (living, dining and kitchen) spaces. These simple doors are ground extremely thin to create a comfortable and spacious work area.

* The legs of the storage conform with the specifications of the INO, CORE and BAY Series.

MIAMI - Storage that changes space into art.

Creation of elegant space.

The entire sliding door surface is a canvas for freely designing space with Venetian mosaic.
Like a beautiful piece of art, an elegant space can be created.

* The legs of the storage conform with the specifications of the INO Series.



Dahlia B&W


Borealis Green


Zinnias 3

Marigold 3

Variation of Venetian mosaic

Establish unity in the space.

Beautiful and high quality HPLs are available in the same color as the kitchen.
Glass or mirror doors can be selected to suite your home to "show" and "store" beautifully.



Metal smoke



Pink spinel

Mesh copper


Door material variations

Excellent ease-of-use like no other.

Smooth sliding motion.

The state-of-the-art sliding system is adopted to achieve the perfect feeling.
A smooth movement created by the high rigidity of frame and rail. Hydraulic support system installed for smooth opening and closing of long 70mm strokes.

Beautiful aluminum frame with strong presence.

Thick aluminum frames are all polished by hand.
The high quality and luxurious finish unique to TOYO KITCHEN provides excitement from its beautiful and smooth touch. Furthermore, the frame has passed the durability test of opening and closing for 80,000 times, and a long life is promised.

Wide range of size variations that even fits the microwave.

The best easy-to-use storage shed that fits any space and any use.
Minimum selectable sizes are 94cm and 43cm for the width and depth respectively. A specification for either shelves or home appliance storage can be selected.

Storage units that can be arranged freely.

Built-in oven type

Deep storage broadens the possibility of wall storage. A built-in oven fits beautifully in the wall.

Doors and drawers type

Storage with doors and drawers specifications. Easy to open and close. Everything can be seen at one sight and it's easy to find things.


Wing tip (wall-mounted storage) + drawer for storing home appliances / counter type

A combination of a convenient wing tip and home appliance storage / counter.
Venetian mosaic can be decorated on the wall of the home appliance storage.


A wide range of other storage options are also available. Please consult one of our showrooms for details.

Stylish and highly functional equipment that enriches the kitchen space

For whom pursues the ideal. The perfect peripheral items.

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We offer interior space with total coordination that reflects originality.


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