work top

Work top as part of the interior design.
"Emblem", an innovative stainless steel work top.

TOYO KITCHEN STYLE original stainless steel work which realizes a distinct uneven surface without losing its rich texture.
There is a functional benefit of scratch resistance due to its small contact surface, and scratches are unnoticeable.


A design inspired by drifted ice of mother nature.
Featured by the random deep wrinkles, the expressions somehow reminds one of the warmth of human skin.


The ripple-shaped mesh shines gracefully.
A design with a gentle texture contrary to the hardness of steel.
Featured by a delicate and smooth silk texture processed by special sand blast processing.

Stepping stone

A design with presence characterized by the rough surface with the image of a stepping stone.
An irregular pattern that is common to the morning dew and stone pavements in Europe.

Work top - Carefully polished by a craftsman one by one

A worktop made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel and finished with our original polishing.

Stainless steel has especially high durability among steel. Our craftsmen take this material which is so difficult to shape and process, and apply the utmost care to hand-finish it using skilled polishing techniques.
A worktop with seamless corners, which possesses the beauty and strength as if it were a solid sheet.

Stainless that provides warmth.

Work tops are finished with a titanium polish by a craftsman.
The delicate finish on the surface makes scratches and dullness unnoticeable, and the soft reflection gives warmth to stainless steel with a generally cold impression.

  • INO


INO features an extra-slim 1.3cm work top.

The INO work top is an extra-slim 1.3cm.
It is a thinner and more beautiful worktop than that of the CORE/BAY.

Stainless, the ideal material of the kitchen.

Stainless steel is the most suitable material for kitchen work tops where hygiene and durability against severe conditions such as heat, shock and friction are required.
TOYO KITCHEN adopts SUS304 as a standard material. SUS304 is often used for medical use due to its durability against corrosion .

Heat-resistant No worries for oil splash.

As we can see from its usage as cooking pots, stainless steel is strong against heat and does not change color with oil or boiling water.

Elasticity Dishes do not break easily.

While stainless steel is strong enough to endure many years of use, it also has the elasticity to absorb impulse shock.

Anti-fouling Durable against oil and detergent.

Not only is stainless steel anti-fouling against various foods and seasonings, the material itself has sterilizing effects.

Eco-friendly Recyclable material.

Durable and hygienic stainless steel is an eco-friendly and recyclable material.

A selection of artificial marbles is also available for the work top.

Aqua stone

The aqua stone which is ideal for the interior, is featured by its beautiful transparent color and shine. Unlike any other, this is a completely new material with many expressions.

Calm stone

This material adds a gentle expression to the kitchen with its excellent quality and subdued colors. The material is strong and durable with anti-fouling properties that prevent stains.


Platinum Grey


Berlino Verde


Stormy Grey


Black lava





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