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Choose yourfamily colors!

What color is your family?
13 single colors in total
New arrival.

Its name is "Caro 2.
CARO" is the Italian word for "family.

Surrounding the kitchen with family,
to share the irreplaceable time around the kitchen with the family,
This kitchen was born to share precious time around the kitchen with the family.

From a total of 13 color variations,
Choose your kitchen.

Let's create a kitchen ofyour color.


With a package plan that includes a choice of kitchen and interior design,You can choose your kitchen as you wish, quickly and easily.

1 Select a color

In 3 easy steps,
Your ideal kitchen can be completed in three easy steps.

base color13colors
  • black
  • Titanium
  • White
  • orange
  • lime
  • red
  • grayishblue
  • mint pink
  • mint blue
  • mint green
  • sand blue
  • sand green
  • light wood

First, we need a kitchen color.Make your choice.

From soft pastels to vivid colors, you are sure to find the color you want.

Choose from 13 colors: monochromatic, vivid, pastel, monochrome, and wood grain.

Build a kitchen

2 Choose your size

In 3 easy steps,
Your ideal kitchen can be completed in three easy steps.

Select kitchen height, select kitchen frontageSelect the depth of your kitchen

Next, select the kitchen size.Choose the size that best fits your space and the person using it.

Kitchen frontage comes in three sizes (W244/259/274 cm),Three depths are also available (D77/90/105cm). Two heights (H85/90cm).This is the only easy modular system to choose from.

Build a kitchen

3 Select Built-ins

In 3 easy steps,
Your ideal kitchen can be completed in three easy steps.

  • Heating Equipment
  • Dishwasher availability
  • Sink position

Finally, gas and induction,Select dishwasher, etc.

You can choose whether to use induction or gas, whether to install a dishwasher or not, andwhich sink location to choose. In an instant, you will have a kitchen that is uniquely yours.

Build a kitchen

Unique ideas,
and techniques that cannot be imitated

A multi-sink that can be used vertically, horizontally, and vertically, and a worktop made of the finest stainless steel.
The beauty and comfort of Toyo kitchens have been realized with unique technology.


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