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Equipped with technology and know-how
Standard Kitchens

BAY is the standard model of Toyo Kitchen Style. This stainless steel kitchen is packed with original technology and know-how, 
such as the revolutionary 3D multi-sink and the "Airflow" leg structure that creates a floating sensation.

Points 01

The usability is totally different.

Island or wall-mounted, your choice of layout

  • I-LAND
  • C-LAND



Comfortable fully open island kitchen. Compatible with peninsula type, simple and flexible in style.




Even the island kitchen has a large storage capacity, allowing you to enjoy cooking dynamically. Accessible from anywhere 360°.

on wall

on wall


Authentic style that takes advantage of wall storage capacity. It's easy to concentrate on cooking, and the exhaust efficiency is good.

Points 03

Ideal for the kitchen
Commitment to Materials

Stainless steel for superior strength, easy cleaning, and hygiene


Excellent strength and easy to clean,
Hygienic stainless steel

Stainless steel is rust and stain resistant, hygienic, and the rigidity of the metal makes it ideal for harsh kitchen environments. It is also heat resistant, resilient to impact, and recyclable, making it a sustainable material. In addition, Toyo Kitchen Style uses high-quality SUS304 as standard. This material, which is considered difficult to form and process, is beautifully and carefully finished using craftsmanship cultivated since the company's founding.

Kitchen doors that combine beauty and durability


Beauty and durability go hand in hand
Kitchen Doors

HPL (High-pressure laminates) used for kitchen doors is a highly durable material that is resistant to scratches, fire, water, and stains. It demonstrates high performance in the kitchen environment. Its expressive power to reproduce a variety of designs is also attractive. It is the answer to our research on the long and beautiful use of kitchens, in partnership with a specialized European manufacturer.

Specifications to choose from

Customize freely from a wide variety of parts


Choose the one that best suits your needs
Three types of sinks

Other sinks

  • 2D Sink

    2D Sink

    Make full use of the space above and below the sink

  • 2DS Sink

    2DS Sink

    Make full use of limited space


Door panels in a variety of designs in permanent materials


the kitchen floats in the air
Leg structure that creates a floating feeling


becomes interior
work top


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Operating Instructions

Product instruction manual, installation/installation manual
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To ensure that our customers who purchase our products enjoy a beautiful and comfortable kitchen life, we have prepared two special reliable support systems to help them use our products beautifully for a long time.



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