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Fun to surround and choose from!
New Cube type kitchens

Cube The compact size of the kitchen BAY CUBE [Bay Cube]. We have focused on the diversifying lifestyles of today's consumers,
What is a kitchen suitable for the new era? We are in pursuit of a kitchen that is suitable for the new era. We propose a more attractive and smart lifestyle.


Cube Change in the
New Life

Big possibilities in a small body

Big possibilities in a small body

The compact size fits a variety of lifestyles, including mature couples who have finished raising children, DINKS living together, another kitchen in a two-family house, and small life in urban areas.

Non-directional layout for gathering from any side

Gathering from any side
Non-directional layout

We have overturned the common sense of a system kitchen where all surfaces are front and back. People can easily gather around the kitchen and enjoy cooking time, fostering communication with family and friends.

Zero flow lines and everything within easy reach.

Zero flow lines.
Everything within easy reach

The compact size of the Bay Cube puts you within easy reach of the sink, heating appliances, dishwasher, storage, and countertop. Cooking and cleaning up can be done quickly. Combined with the three-dimensional utilization of 3D Sink, the small size allows for both a large work space and a large sink, while still allowing for efficient cooking with zero flow lines.

Specifications to choose from

Customize freely from a wide variety of parts


Choose the one that best suits your needs
Four types of sinks

Other sinks

  • 2D Sink

    2D Sink

    Make full use of the space above and below the sink

  • 2DS Sink

    2DS Sink

    Make full use of limited space

  • 3DS Sink

    3DS Sink

    3D Sink Small size of


Door panels in a variety of designs in permanent materials


the kitchen floats in the air
Leg structure that creates a floating feeling


becomes interior
work top


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Operating Instructions

Product instruction manual, installation/installation manual
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To ensure that our customers who purchase our products enjoy a beautiful and comfortable kitchen life, we have prepared two special reliable support systems to help them use our products beautifully for a long time.



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