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We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.

Products and Services

I would like to know the order process.

For kitchens
We will show you our products in our showroom. (Online consultation is also available.)
We have kitchens in the showroom that you can actually use and try out, and our professional staff will plan your kitchen while listening to your needs.
If you bring your architectural drawings, we can provide you with more specific plan drawings and estimates.
If you wish to change the plan, we will be happy to accommodate you until you are satisfied with the plan.

For interior decoration
We will show you our products in our showroom. You are free to visit our showroom.
Our staff will take your order. Products will be delivered to your desired delivery address, with some exceptions.
If you have any requests for simple installation or pickup of packaging materials, please let us know at the time of order.

Where are kitchens manufactured?

System kitchens are manufactured at our own factory in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.
We still value the craftsmanship from the time of our founding when we manufactured stainless steel western tableware, and apply it to the development and manufacturing of our system kitchens.

Can you handle special orders for size?

We will be happy to consult with you about the possibility of manufacturing at our showroom. Please feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to incorporate a foreign brand dishwasher?

Available. We have an extensive lineup of foreign brands such as Gaggenau, Miele, and AEG Electrolux. Please feel free to contact us.

PARALLELO Sink I want to actually experience the

Demonstration kitchens are set up in showrooms across Japan where you can experience PARALLELO. (except for some showrooms).
Please feel free to contact the showroom nearest you for a hands-on experience at any time.

I would like to know how to obtain the catalog.

We offer this service free of charge at our showrooms nationwide. A web catalog is available on our website.

Regarding lighting, are light bulbs sold separately?

Kartell For the luminaires of the company, the light bulbs are sold separately.
For products with an integrated light source, the light source is included in the product.
For other fixtures, a test bulb is included.
For more information, please see the product details in the online store.

What is the delivery time?

System kitchens are manufactured upon receipt of an order, and the actual delivery time is approximately 30 days.
Delivery time may vary depending on the product, so please contact our staff for details.
Interior products such as furniture and lighting fixtures will be shipped within 2 days after the order is confirmed if they are in stock in Japan.
If the product is not in stock in Japan and has to be ordered from overseas, the delivery time will be 80 to 120 days.
Please note that there may be unavoidable transportation reasons.

I would like samples of tiles and fabrics.

Samples are available for rent at each showroom. Please feel free to contact us.

I want to know about events and other special offers.

Toyo Kitchen Style provides you with information on new products, events, sales, etc. via e-mail newsletters. Please feel free to register.

Do you have an online store?

We have an online store with a large selection of international interior and maintenance parts. We also offer system kitchens exclusively sold online.
When using the site, we recommend registering as a member for the first time to receive a coupon and various other benefits.


Where is the showroom located?

We have showrooms in over 20 locations throughout Japan. Please find a showroom near you.

Do I need an appointment to visit the showroom?

You are free to visit without an appointment. For those who wish to discuss floor plans, budgets, and other details, we recommend making an appointment to visit the showroom.
We invite you to visit our showroom, where you can experience a space that combines kitchen and interior design, as well as shop, coordinate, plan, and Estimate for products you are interested in.
Please bring your architectural drawings with you when you visit the showroom so that we can make concrete proposals.

Can I purchase products in the showroom?

All products are available for purchase in our showroom. We also have an online store.

I would like to know how to make a reservation.

A reservation form is available. Please fill in the required fields and submit. You can also make a reservation directly at the showroom by phone.

Can I go with my child? (Do you have a kids room?)

Of course, you are welcome to come along. Please note that we do not have a children's room.

Are pets allowed?

Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are allowed.
Some customers are not fond of animals or have allergies to animals, so please be careful not to disturb or endanger other customers.
Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise between customers regarding their pets.

I don't have the drawings, but can I go?

We recommend that you visit our showroom to experience our products in person. Even if you do not have drawings, we encourage you to visit our showroom.

Can we discuss kitchen and interior design at the same time?

At Toyo Kitchen Style, we offer a total consultation service for kitchens and interiors.
We believe that to create a highly satisfying home, it is important to consider the kitchen and interior at the same time.

Is online consultation available?

We offer online consultations for each area. Please feel free to use our reservation form.

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

For any changes or cancellations after the reservation is confirmed, please contact the showroom directly.

Please tell me about access and parking.

Please use the parking lot attached to the building. Please note that the number of parking spaces is limited and may not be available during busy times.
Please note that some showrooms do not have their own parking lots. Please check the information of each showroom for details.

Shipping and Delivery

Can you install a kitchen? Also, what are the installation costs?

We not only sell system kitchen products, but also offer installation services. The cost varies depending on the product and installation location, so please contact our staff in charge.

How much does it cost to deliver an interior?

Actual shipping costs will be charged for each item. Shipping fees are flat rate for Honshu, but differ depending on the delivery category.
Please note that shipping charges for Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands are different from those for Honshu. Please refer to the linked table for details.

Can you assemble products that require assembly?

We also offer installation services for kitchens. For some of our interior products, we offer delivery, simple assembly, and pickup of packaging materials.
Please inquire for details at the time of purchase.

Can you keep it until the time of construction?

We do not offer storage of purchased products. As for system kitchens, we will manufacture them according to when they are needed.

Maintenance and Repair

I would like to discuss repairs.

Please contact us for repair requests. Toyo Kitchen Customer Service can also provide maintenance and parts sales during and after the warranty period.

Built-in appliances and faucets
Please check the name of your manufacturer on the support page and contact the repair office.

How do I request a Range Hood repair?

Please contact us for repair request. Please attach at least two images of the entire kitchen, including the defective part and the hood, to your inquiry.
Remote controls and filters are available for purchase in our online store.

If I have trouble opening and closing the sliding storage door, can I repair it myself?

Please contact us for repair request. Please attach at least two images of the defective part and the entire storage unit to your inquiry.
We will call you to ask for more details so that we can confirm whether we can repair the problem ourselves.

Can I repair original foreign-made faucets such as Alwa and Tallboy by myself?

In our online store, we sell parts that can be repaired and replaced with relatively simple work.
You can view instructions and videos showing how to replace each part, so you can determine if you can repair it yourself.

A kitchen drawer front has come off. Can I repair it myself?

If the front panel attached to the aluminum drawer comes off, it can be repaired by purchasing the fixing hardware from our online store.

Can I repair kitchen door hinges myself?

If a kitchen hinge fails, the corresponding hinge can be purchased from our online store and repaired.

If the door of a lifting wall unit does not stop in the middle of opening and closing, can I repair it myself?

The gas damper located at the top of the cabinet needs to be replaced.
The corresponding gas damper can be purchased from our online store and repaired.

The casters on my mobile container have failed, can I repair them myself?

Since the casters are to be replaced, casters can be purchased from our online store and repaired.

How can I purchase optional kitchen components?

Available for purchase in our online store.

How do I purchase water purifier cartridges?

Available for purchase in our online store.


I would like to know the warranty period.

For iNO series kitchens, if you register as a member of iNO CLUB (free of charge), the warranty period will be extended from the usual 1 year to 10 years (+9 years).
For other kitchens, we extend the warranty period by registering as a member of the Concierge Club. Please check the link for details.

What is iNO CLUB?

This is a new premium service for purchasers of Toyo Kitchen Style's iNO, iNO PREMIUM, and iNO LEONE.
For those who have purchased one of our premium kitchens, we offer a variety of hospitality benefits, including our product warranty.

What is the Concierge CLUB?

For customers who want their kitchens to stay beautiful and comfortable, we offer special support for peace of mind. Two support plans are available for each.

Email News

Do you distribute e-mail news?

We deliver the latest information on new products, events, campaigns, sales, etc. in email format. Please feel free to register.
We also provide information on various social networking services such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Please follow us.

I did not receive the email news.

Please check your inbox for insufficient capacity or restricted reception. There is also a possibility that the e-mail may have arrived in your spam folder or your registered e-mail address may be incorrect.

I would like to cancel my e-mail newsletter.

You will find a link to unsubscribe in the footer (bottom) of the e-mail newsletters we send.



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