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Emblem Top


Emblem Top

The worktop becomes the interior.

A new type of worktop with a design on stainless steel. Not only is it beautiful, but the special press pattern makes it scratch-resistant and hardly noticeable, so it can be used beautifully for a long time.


Clearly defined unevenness
Texture has been achieved
Five designs

  • Ice

    Ice ICE

    Deep, rough, irregularly running wrinkles that resemble ice floes. Its expression is also warm, like human skin. The design is inspired by familiar natural materials such as ice and human skin. The commercialization of this product was made possible by our unique pressing technology.

  • Linear FOR INO

    Linear LINEAR

    Beautiful corrugated design that evokes a sense of luxury. The special corrugated texture structure reduces frictional resistance, allowing pots and pans to glide smoothly. In addition, the corrugated unevenness catches any water spills, so you can cook boldly in the kitchen without staining the floor.

  • Quilt FOR INO


    Normally, quilting is made with soft fabrics. A diamond pattern geometric pattern is drawn with a special pressing technique as if sewn with a sewing machine, and stainless steel is made to float three-dimensionally as if feathers were inserted into the quilted down. The mirror finish on the surface creates softness and beautifully reflects the surroundings.

  • Step Stones FOR INO

    Step Stones STEPSTONE

    Randomly laid pebbles of different sizes create the texture of paving stones. The bold unevenness, similar to water droplets on glass, is an exciting design that further evolves the interior design of the worktop.

  • Relief FOR INO

    Relief RELIEF

    The regularly repeating wave-shaped unevenness reflects light and gives off a moist and subdued luster. It has a gentle and gentle texture that is at odds with the hardness of steel. The special sandblasting process has achieved a delicate and smooth touch reminiscent of silk.


Stainless steel material with full of technology

Highly designed worktop

Highly designed worktop

Stainless steel is a particularly strong type of steel. This material, which is considered difficult to form and bend, is carefully crafted by the hands of master craftsmen.
From sheet metal to welding and polishing, the hands of our craftsmen are skilled and meticulous in their work.
Stainless steel tops are resistant to heat and stain-resistant against various foodstuffs and seasonings, making them suitable for use around water.

Four features of stainless steel top

  • heat-resisting
  • antifouling
  • elasticity
  • ecology


Long-lasting design

Highly designed worktop

Highly designed worktop

Emblem Top is a worktop decorated with stainless steel. You can choose from a variety of designs, just like an interior design. The beauty of stainless steel will renew the image of conventional stainless steel and expand the possibilities of kitchen design.

Stainless steel top for long-lasting beauty

Stainless steel top for long-lasting beauty

The special pressed pattern of unevenness on the surface makes it scratch-resistant, and even minor scratches caused by years of use will not be noticeable. Developed based on Toyo Kitchen Style's unique quality concept, this stainless steel top can maintain its beauty for a long time.



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