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Message from the President

Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd.

President Hidetsugu Kiyomoto

Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd President  Kiyomoto Hidetsugu

We are looking for "friends"
who are willing to take on
new challenges
and think outside the box.

The kitchens we provide are not just tools for cooking.
When you think of the kitchen as the center of your life, interior design becomes important for creating a comfortable space.

A kitchen that fits your lifestyle and a total interior that reflects your personality.
Make it "Entertainment for Living". That's what Toyo Kitchen Style is all about.

We are looking for "friends" who are willing to take on new challenges and think outside the box.
We will not be bound by common sense, question the obvious, seek out new values, and continue to propose them.
When we accomplish this, we will have a lot of joy and fun, which cannot be replaced by anything else.

We think about and give shape to the kitchen, which is in charge of food and a comfortable space.
It may be the most familiar and the most creative work.
Let's work together to create and deliver value you have never seen or felt before.
Join us in opening up the future.

President Hidetsugu Kiyomoto

After graduating from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, he joined Toyo Kogyo Co.
He was consistently involved in product development and design, laying the foundation for his unique designs from scratch.
Later, as vice president, he served as division head of manufacturing, quality control, and sales, and was appointed president in 2018.


We challenge new values 
and create new lifestyles.
Members who make
"Transforming Living into entertainment".

We have an environment that accepts your thoughts
and will and allows you to take on challenges. 
We hope that you will challenge yourself and create your future here.
For more information, 
please contact us.


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