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For a premium kitchen,
Premium service.

This is a new premium service for purchasers of
We are pleased to offer a variety of benefits to our premium kitchen purchasers, including a warranty on our products.


CLUB member benefits

  • Point. 01

    We will extend the normal
    1-year warranty
    period to 10 years.

  • Point. 02

    Invitation to members
    -only party.

    *JAZZ live performance, etc. will be scheduled.

  • Point. 03

    Invitations to previews
    of various events.

  • Point. 04

    We are pleased to announce the pre-order
    of limited products.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty covers malfunctions or defects that occur under normal use in accordance with user's manual.
The warranty period for the built-in appliances in the kitchen is one year for our original products and one year for the purchased products.
Consumable parts (light bulbs, batteries, grease filters, etc.) are not covered by the warranty for all products.
Sliding storage units, sliding wall units, and sliding floor units are warranted for two years.
The warranty does not cover the use of the product for other purposes (cooking classes, kitchen, etc.).
Warranty coverage is limited to one unit per set.
Please note that membership may not be accepted for use overseas or on remote islands in Japan.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by disasters such as earthquakes.
The details of the warranty shall be in accordance with the contents of our warranty card.


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For users* who have purchased iNO, iNO PREMIUM or iNO LEONE,
can apply for iNO CLUB for free.

*Only users residing in Japan are eligible to apply for this service. f you have any further questions,please contact us at this e-mail addressor contact our staff.

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