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Owner's Voice Vol.12 H Residence

Weekend house overlooking the ocean to spend time with your dogs

This time, we visited a room in a resort condominium built along the sea in Chiba.
This house overlooking the ocean is the weekend home of Mr. H, who enjoys spending relaxing time with his two beloved dogs, Roland, a standard poodle, and Melonpanna.
We would like to introduce the space, which is composed only of things they love.

Weekend house overlooking the ocean to spend time with your dogs

Interior coordination of a home that began with an encounter with "BAY

I love dogs and used to have 11 Chihuahuas in this house.
When they all passed over the rainbow bridge and my three children became independent, I remodeled the skeleton of my two-bedroom house four years ago.

For Mr. H, who usually lives in Tokyo, this seaside apartment is where he spends his weekends.
In order to create a second home with an extraordinary atmosphere, we removed the interior walls and changed the layout to the current one-room apartment with a walk-in closet.
In doing so, Mr. H says, he focused on the kitchen.
The kitchen is in a studio, so the appearance is important.
So we went to the Tokyo showroom of Toyo Kitchen Style, which we had been interested in for some time, and decided on the "BAY" series after considering the size balance with the interior.
I chose something a little more compact because this is a house where we only spend weekends, and I wanted to put my favorite chairs and lighting here and there in the room," he says.

The kitchen, which was previously connected to the dining room via a counter, was changed to an open style, and the direction of the kitchen was also changed so that the ocean can be seen from the front.
The stainless steel kitchen, which glistens in the sunlight from the south window like a work of art, has become a favorite space of Mrs. H. "The sink is ingenious," she says.
I love the visual appeal of this kitchen, not to mention the functionality of the sink," says H. "It's well organized and beautiful as an interior design, so it's a perfect fit.
I'm really glad we chose "BAY" because it fits in well and is beautiful as an interior design.

H says that "BAY" was the starting point for deciding on blue-gray + white as the theme colors for the weekend home, and selecting lighting, chairs, sofas, and other furnishings.

The double use of "Klunker" and other beautiful light spots in the room

Mr. H has a clear preference for interior design, clothing, and alcohol, and he has a high aesthetic sense about his life.
I especially like 'Kartell' for interior design, and I have many items from Kartell, such as tableware and candlesticks.
I have a lot of items from Kartell, such as tableware and candlesticks. In this house, too, there are various lights, such as Planet, Kabuki, Battery, and Lantern," he says.
In fact, he learned about Toyo Kitchen Style through Kartell.

The chandelier Klunker LED 120, a series of crystal glasses installed above the "BAY," was also something he encountered at a Toyo Kitchen Style showroom and fell in love with at first sight.
One of the features of the chandelier is that it is installed in two rows.
It's not cheap, but we couldn't add more after construction, so we took the plunge and installed two. As a result, it was a great decision. The layer of light is thicker and more beautiful at night.

In addition, the H residence is dotted with other sparkling light spots around the sofa by the window, on the table, and by the bedside, all in one large room.
I designed this room so that the lighting looks beautiful no matter where you are," she says.
I adjust the intensity of the lighting according to my mood, and the time spent enjoying a drink with my dog by my side is bliss.

Expressive mosaic tiles are used throughout the house to enhance the shimmering impression.

Along with the kitchen and lighting, another thing that Mr. H wanted to incorporate into his weekend home was the Venetian mosaic tiles he encountered at the Toyo Kitchen Style showroom.
I chose Daisy and Marigold from the many mosaic tiles available.
Daisy blends well with the house's theme colors (blue-gray and white), so I chose it for the front wall of the kitchen, the interior walls, and the columns.
And in the niche at the entrance, I wanted to enjoy seasonal displays such as Christmas and New Year's, so I covered it with marigolds, which give it a slightly warmer feel," he says.

The sunlight from the large windows during the daytime, and the sparkling light from the twinkling lights in the evening and at night, accentuate the brilliance of the tiles and create a comfortable and extraordinary feeling.

I also like to spend time with my friends who I don't mind spending time with.

H. says, "We usually spend time here relaxing with our two dogs, but sometimes we also entertain."
Among the guests are friends who own standard poodles.
They come to visit us with their five dogs.
The dogs have had a great time at the dog run during the day, so they're all sleeping peacefully.
Meanwhile, the adults sit on the floor and enjoy champagne with Kartell 's rechargeable "mini planet" and "lantern" lights nearby.
Also, in the summer, we sometimes put these lights out on the balcony and drink beer outside. It feels great.
Hearing him talk like that reminds me once again that interior design and daily life are closely connected.

Yes, it is. I enjoy coordinating interiors in the same way that I think about how to put clothes together.
My husband also seems to like this room.
He tells me to go easy on him, though (laughs).

The weekend house overlooking the ocean will continue to carve out a slow and peaceful time.

[Hiring Items]
Door: S Silver
Sink: 3D Sink
Handle: Rail
Worktop: Emblem Top ice
Faucet:Single lever
Range Hood Worktop: UFO
Heating appliances and dishwasher: Miele
Storage: S White

Klunker LED120, Klunker Triple Ring, Neo Romantic Flower
Planet (floor), Planet stand row, Mini Planet Battery, Kabuki, Battery, Lantern, Toy, Toy Gold (Kartell)

Tables & Chairs:
TSUDOI Sofa 1SA, TSUDOI Cushions, Hampton Low Table Set
Largo 3S, Stone, Uncle Jim, Tip Top (Kartell)
Pig table (moooi)

Klunker Mirror Round 65, Saburo Origin
Only Me S, François Ghost S, Tic Tac, Yale Dutain, Pumo, Dune S, Rail 30 and 60, Wall Close Hook, Abbracciao, Jerry's Flute Champagne, Jerry's Family Salad Bowl, Jerry's Dinner Plate, Eye Shine, Ushine, Ming by Kartell
Venetian mosaic tile (Daisy, Marigold) (SICIS)

Roland (right, 1 year and 8 months old), a standard poodle, and his sibling Melonpanna (7 months old) are the idols of Mr. H's family. When Mr. H and his two dogs come to the house for the weekend, the first thing they do is boil chicken and broccoli in the kitchen and make their special topping food by hand.

(photo: Kentaro Isibashi / text: Shihoko Tomibe)

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