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Zero flow kitchen


Zero flow kitchen®

Easy-to-use, stress-free kitchen with a shortest flow line 
from the sink and stove to the dishwasher.

Keep the distance between sink and stove as close as possible. Zero Top


Zero top to minimize the distance 
between sink and stove

In order to create a Zero flow kitchen without moving a single step during cooking work in a kitchen that requires a lot of horizontal movement, it was necessary to minimize the distance between the sink and stove [Zero Top]. The design allows the user to reach both the sink and the stove, eliminating any waste in the cooking flow line.

Cooking is complete in the sink.

Cooking is complete in the sink.

Zero Top The idea of "PARALLELO Sink" is realized by , which allows cooking to be completed in the sink, from "washing" to "cutting" to "serving", without having to move from in front of the sink. PARALLELO The cooking space between the sink and stove is eliminated by Zero flow kitchen, which is an unprecedented idea.

Zero flow kitchen ®" is a registered trademark of Toyo Kitchen Style Co. (Registered trademark No. 6406411)


Zero flow kitchen® 
The only one that can realize
 "iNO" kitchen series

Only iNO can be equipped with a Parallelo sink.
With iNO, you can choose from a wide variety of layouts  that realize a zero-flow kitchen®, 
including I-LAND, Q-LAND, and V-LAND, to create the ultimate zero-flow kitchen®

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