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Living Core


Living Core

This is a new proposal for Japanese housing that considers the LDK as a single space, 
and connects the activities of daily life more closely, such as cooking, eating, relaxing, and gathering.

A new concept of space called "living core" 


A new concept of space called "living core" 
that has been developed through the flow line of the entire house.

We create a more comfortable and smooth living space by thinking of "cooking," "eating," and "relaxing" in one space, without being bound by the traditional concept of LDKs that are divided by zones or walls. I would like to suggest.
This space, which is the core of daily life, is defined by the new word "LIVING Living Core," and the free layout connects activities in daily life more closely.

Comfortable 360-degree living 

Comfortable 360-degree living 
centered around the kitchen

The kitchen is always at the center of a family's life. By laying out the kitchen in the center of the room, you can easily access it from any direction, creating a community for your family. A streamlined and efficient life cycle is created from the dining table, living room, storage, and refrigerator.


The entire living space is also connected with Zero flow,
Nucleus = Core Devices

By laying out the role of connecting the three spaces (kitchen, dining, and living room) (Core Devices) in the center of the room, we create Living Core space.
``Cooking,'' ``eating,'' and ``relaxing'' are easily accessible, making life flow throughout the home comfortable.
Core Devices include `` COOK ISOLA,'' which is equipped with a heating device, and ``Isola,'' which can be combined with a TV and wine cellar.

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