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For BAY and BAY CUBE (door handle)



Door handles designed for ease of use

The handles are designed for ease of use, including handles that can be gripped from any position and handles that are easy for women to grip.

  • C Handle [C series]

    C Handle [C series]

    Aluminum + Chrome plating finish
    Solid aluminum is bending and coated with chrome plating. Every time you grip the handle, you can feel the solid texture that only solid aluminum can provide. The handle is ergonomically designed to be thick enough to easily grip bicycle grips and frying pans.

  • L Handle [L series]

    L Handle [L series]

    Even when storing heavy items, the handles do not flex when pulled. Of course, it is also robust enough to withstand years of use. The full-size handle can be used from any position, and looks sleek and complements the kitchen even more.

  • rail


    HANDLE byKartell
    For the first time in the world, items from the Italian interior design brand Kartell were used as kitchen handles. The kitchen and the minimalist handle design are now perfectly integrated, further enhancing the interior design of the kitchen.

  • E Handle [for DW series only]

    E Handle [for DW series only]

    The handle is easy to pull out no matter where you touch it, up and down, left or right. The surface of the aluminum body is carefully finished by hand buffing by a master craftsman, and chrome plating is applied on top of it to create a shiny texture. Even the surrounding scenery is reflected beautifully in the gentle R shape.

  • push-on


    The absence of handles gives the kitchen a blocky, lumpy design. Drawers can be opened smoothly with just one light push with your knee or other hand, even while holding a pan with both hands or when your hands are dirty.

    Only BAY CUBE FIELDWOOD is supported.



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