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for iNO (door handle)



Door handles in a variety of designs

Highly designed handles linked to the kitchen door. Handles can make a big difference in the appearance of a kitchen.

  • <span>VFB Handle</span>

    VFB Handle

    The vertical handle contrasts beautifully with the door. This design has attracted the attention of design magazines around the world.

  • VFB Crystal Handle

    Crystal VFB Handle

    The pure acrylic handles are as transparent as glass and beautifully complement the door color.

  • <span>Roulette 35 Handle</span>

    Roulette 35 Handle

    The extra thick 3.5cm Roulette handle features a heavy grip with a diameter of 3.5cm that fits securely even when held by a man.
    Its beautiful appearance and presence will make your kitchen more luxurious.

  • Roulette 25 <span>Handle (Roulette 25 handle)</span>

    Roulette 25 Handle (Roulette 25 handle)

    The advanced cutting technology not only gives the handle a sure grip, but also makes it an exquisite and mechanical object.

  • <span>Flat Bar Handle</span>

    Flat Bar Handle

    Amazing stainless steel integrated handle with no joints. The beautifully polished stainless steel is plated on purpose.
    The quality of this product is the crystallization of outstanding craftsmanship that will continue to shine beautifully forever.

  • Wave Handle

    Wave Handle

    This new handle is luxuriously made of heavy aluminum. It is buffed for 10 times longer than usual, and then chrome-plated over it to add a mirror-like luster. From its reflection, you can feel the sunlight, scenery, and even the presence of family members.

  • Handleless <span>(Babylon)</span>
    Handleless <span>(Babylon)</span>
    Handleless <span>(Babylon)</span>

    Handleless (Babylon)

    The handle-less Babylon comes standard with the Servo Drive System, which allows the drawer to be fully opened electrically. With both hands on the pot or with dirty hands, the drawer can be opened smoothly with one light push on the knee. Of course, when closing the drawer, the drawer also moves lightly, quietly, and securely in place with a bull motion.



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