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Owner's Voice Vol.10 Kobayashi Residence

To enjoy the "second chapter of life.
The new house was a birthday gift from the husband.

Organize the space as you like, in your own way.
The Kobayashi residence we visited this time is the realization of such an ideal.
We asked them about their thoughts on this modern and stylish home for a couple to enjoy their future life together.

To enjoy the "second chapter of life.<br>The new house was a birthday gift from the husband.

To celebrate the second chapter of life. iNO I-LAND" chosen as our new home.

A house with a strikingly modern appearance in a quiet residential area, this is the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi, completed in May of this year.
The LDK, which leads from the entrance hall, is furnished with a sophisticated interior centering on the high-end Toyo Kitchen Style "iNO" model, making it look like a room in a luxury hotel.

The wife who greeted us smiles, "This house was built by my husband as a birthday present for me.
The reason why she decided to buy the land and build a house instead of living in a condominium was to enjoy the "second chapter of her life.
My husband and I are both working, and it's too early to call it retirement, but now that our sons are independent, we wanted a house that would be suitable for our future as a couple, so we planned a new house.
That is why we were so particular about what we chose and how we arranged it.

The heart of the house is the LDK.
I didn't want to compromise on the kitchen, which is used every day.
I don't want it to look lived-in, and I've always liked things that sparkle, so I wasn't satisfied with a typical kitchen.
When I expressed these thoughts to the home builder, he introduced me to Toyo Kitchen Style.
I immediately visited the showroom and fell in love with the luxurious and unique world view at first sight.

The wife said she knew right then and there that she wanted to install iNO in her new home.
Her husband, who wanted to create a hotel-like residence, agreed with her wishes, and from then on, the LDK was designed with "iNO" in mind.

Zero flow kitchen Realize the PARALLELO Sink

Attractive design that stylishly pursues a form of usability

Splash Black," reminiscent of a cascading waterfall, was chosen for the surface material, and "Ice," which is reminiscent of an ice floe, was chosen for the top panel of the Kobayashi residence's "iNO".
Both are popular designs with organic expressions on hard stainless steel.
The quilt is also very nice, but I chose splash black because of its beautiful shine when illuminated, and ice because it is less likely to show scratches," he told his wife.

We asked her about the comfort of using iNO.
First of all, the kitchen is designed so that we can cook facing each other, so I can stand in the kitchen and my husband can be across from me, and we can work together naturally.
Although it is an open-style kitchen, the drawers are large enough to store everything without stress, so it always stays neat and tidy, and the large sink is very functional.
The large sink is very functional. I like the fact that the cutting boards can be stylishly left in the sink without having to put them away after each use," he says.
A Gaggenau induction cooktop with adjustable heat settings and a large-capacity dishwasher are also built-in, making daily kitchen work a pleasant experience.

The dining room and living room are also put together in the Toyo Kitchen style.

To complement the beauty of iNO, the LDK in the Kobayashi residence is decorated in dark tones, with indirect lighting placed in key locations to add a touch of color to the space.
These lights were a particular focus of the owner's attention.
In the previous house, the entire room was bright, but when I came home from work and relaxed, I felt more at home with indirect light.
So I wanted the new house to have beautifully designed indirect lighting, and I wanted it to be dim enough to make writing difficult," says the husband.
So he decided to choose lighting from the Toyo Kitchen Style.
The wife laughs, "We initially went to look at the kitchen, but we liked the taste and ended up getting most of the interior, including the dining table, chairs, sofa, and lighting, from Toyo Kitchen Style.

The sofa placed under the "Raimond 2" pendant light by Moi, which features a spherical design like a planet, is the original "New Sicilian Sofa" by Toyo Kitchen Style.
The legs have the same design as the "iNO," so it blends in nicely with the LDK, which is centered around the kitchen.
The wife says, "I love to sit on this sofa in the evening and relax with a beer.
The wide footstools can also be used as a table, which is very useful.

Because we were particular in our selection, it feels natural, as if it has been with us for a long time.

In addition to the stylish LDK, Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi's particular taste is evident in many other areas of the house.
One of them is the hand washing space by the entrance.
On the front wall, a Toyo Kitchen Style "leaf mirror" makes a statement.
Originally, this space was for guests, so we didn't want it to be too functional.
Then I found this art-like mirror in the showroom and fell in love with it.
It also happened to be the exact size I was looking for. I immediately decided to go with it.

Also on the second floor, "Dress Core" was installed in the bedroom to both make up and dress up the room.
Two circular mirrors mounted on the wall are elegant with glass ornaments around them.
A crystal glass bowl and Kartell chair clad in an Emilio Pucci scarf pattern bring an exceptional glow to the tranquil bedroom, which is decorated in dark colors.
I used to put my makeup on in front of a big mirror in my old house, but I still wanted a proper space for grooming.
In that respect, this Dress Core is something that didn't seem possible.
In the morning, when I sit in the Pucci chair and turn on the light in the mirror, I feel so much better.

Hearing these words, the husband also commented, "The interior design of our house is all things that we chose together, one by one, with great care.
Maybe that's why, even though we've only been using it for about six months, it feels so natural, as if it's been with us for decades.

The couple is now looking for a wall clock to match their living room.
The house is not completed when it is built, but rather, the couple develops an attachment to it over time as they live in it.
The Kobayashi's residence is a charming example of this way of relating to their home.

[Recruitment Items]
Zero flow kitchen
Size: W244/D90/H90cm
Door: Splash Black
Handle: VFB
Worktop:Emblem Top ice
Water faucets: Zero flow faucets, Tallboy
Range Hood: UFO
Heating equipment and dishwashers: Gaggenau
Refrigerator: Marbe

ORIGAMI Square glass top, Masters (Kartell), Diamante 2S (Marchetti ILLUMINAZIONE)

living room
New Sicilia sofa, New Sicilia footstool
Mini Planet (Kartell), Raimond 2 (moooi)

Reef Mirrors

Dress Core
Storage: Double drawer black marble
Wall Panel: Black Marble
Washbasin: Crystal 003 Bowl
Mirror: Klunker Miller Round
Faucet: Faucet 002
Chair: Madame World of Emilio Pucci Paris (Kartell)

(photo:Kentaro Isibashi / text:Shihoko Tomibe)

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