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Owner's Voice Vol.11 F Residence Part 1

The kitchen placed in the center connects "dress", "relax", and "sleep".

When you open the door, you will see a spacious one-room space.
In the center of the room, a compact kitchen "BAY CUBE" of Cube type is placed, surrounded by a "Chumi Sofa", "Dress Core", and a bed.
This is the room where the eldest daughter lives on the third floor of Mr. F's residence in a quiet residential area in Osaka City.
How did you meet Toyo Kitchen Style and what did you think of the space?

The kitchen placed in the center connects "dress", "relax", and "sleep".

He fell in love with "Dress Core" at first sight at a showroom he visited with his mother!

Before living in this house, Mr. F and his family lived on the upper floor of a building they owned nearby.
He said, "In my previous house, I lived with my mother and brother in the same building and in a two-bedroom room in it, so I had my own kitchen, washroom, and bathroom in my room, just as I do here.
Since it was a two bedroom house, I had a private room, but I had my bed in the living room for ease of living.
I liked that style, so I wanted my room to be a large one-room in the new house," says the young lady.

With this in mind, she and her mother visited the Toyo Kitchen Style showroom when they started building their house.
At the time, we just wanted to take a look around, but when we got there, we were surprised to see a lot of kitchens and interior products that we couldn't find anywhere else.
I was particularly fascinated by Dress Core."
On display in the showroom was the "Dress Core" flower garden, with its artistic depiction of vivid flowers.
I wanted to create something unique for the bathroom I use every day, so I was instantly attracted to the unique and stylish design of this product.
So, based on the advice of the stylist at the Osaka showroom, we decided to install the "Dress Core" near the closet to help with daily makeup and getting ready for the day.
In fact, she brushes her teeth in a standard washroom located near the bathroom, and uses Dress Core as a place to "dress up.

The white marble counter of "Dress Core" is placed beside the bed.
On the wall above it is a Buddhist altar.
This is a custom-made Toyo Kitchen Style product that utilizes the shape of the kitchen's sliding doors.
The double doors open to reveal a lighted altar.
I put a picture of my father on the altar and pray there every day.
I wanted to make the altar consistent with the rest of my furniture, which is also very important to me, so I asked Toyo Kitchen Style to create it.
I am very happy that they were able to create it with our wishes in mind."

Dress Core" Flower Garden

Counter: "Dress Core" white marble

Easy to use from all sides "BAY CUBE" in the center of the room

In fact, there are cute dogs living with us in this room.
I have taken in retired dogs that were kept by breeders and raised them.
The number of dogs has increased over the years to a total of seven, and four of them live in my room.
I let them play in my mother's LDK on the second floor every day, but they eat and sleep in this room.
Even when I am out, they stay here," she says.

The "bay cubicle" in the center of the room is very useful for washing dishes and watering the dogs.
The kitchen is attractive because there are no restrictions on which side is the front, and it is easy to use from any direction.
The faucet can be turned all the way around, which is very convenient when you need to take care of the dog for a while.

The "BAY CUBE" chosen by the young lady is 1.24 m wide and 1.2 m deep.
In its compact body, heating equipment, storage, and 3DS Sink (the small size of Toyo Kitchen Style's own 3D Sink) are efficiently laid out.
The square form of the kitchen looks like a large tree standing in the center of a large room.

The daughter, who says she likes wood grain, selected a medium color of "Feel Wood" for the door, which realistically expresses the roughness of natural wood.

Orange cushions were chosen for overall balance.

The room also has a "Tsudoi sofa" as well as the mother's living room upstairs.
This was also suggested by the showroom staff.
I had always wanted a couch, but I wasn't sure what color would go with this room. The kitchen is wood-grained and the "Dress Core" is colorful, so she suggested that I make the sofa brown to match the kitchen, and then use orange cushions to balance the overall look.
Brown and orange is not a color combination I would have chosen, but when I tried it, I was amazed at how well the colors matched.

Convinced and sympathized with the sensible proposal! I am now a Toyo fan!

I told them my thoughts and preferences, and they made suggestions accordingly.
The young lady was impressed by the precision with which they responded.
She says, "No matter how many suggestions they give you, if they don't fit your needs, you won't be able to move forward.
She gave me advice on choosing a kitchen and sofa, as well as curtains and wall colors, and I was really impressed with what she had to say.
I have become a fan of Toyo Kitchen Style.

The daughter is now waiting for the table and chairs from Kartell, which she purchased additionally, to be delivered.
Once those two are in, I'd like to add more lighting," she says.

We have a feeling that the beloved my room where she spends time with her dog will continue to evolve.

[Recruitment Items]
Size: W124×D120×H90cm
Door: Feelwood Medium
Sink: 3DS Sink
Handle: Push-on
Worktop: Titanium tone polish finish
Faucet: Tallboy
Range Hood: UFO
Heating equipment: AEG
Storage: Custom-made counter (W94×D67cm)
Interior: Tsudoi Sofa Tsudoi 90C, Tsudoi Couch L, Tsudoi Ottoman
Raimond 2 R43, Raimond 2 Zaf (moooi)

Dress Core
Storage: Double drawer Flower garden
Wall Panel: Flower Garden
Washbasin: Hybrid 004
Mirror: Mirror 002, Mirror 015BOX, Only Me S (Kartell)
Faucet: Faucet 007
Chair: Madame World of Emilio Pucci (Kartell)

Counter next to the bed
Dress Core
Storage: Open Deep Drawer White Marble
Chair: Madame World of Emilio Pucci (Kartell)

[Profile] Mr. F
Mr. F is a big dog lover. His day starts with taking care of his seven dogs. There is a 25-meter wide balcony in the LDK on the second floor, which we use as a dog run, and let them play freely every day. The "gathering sofa" in the living room is also a favorite of the dogs.
In the near future, a photo studio for pets is also planned.
instagram @pumapoa_montresor

(photo:Kentaro Isibashi / text:Shihoko Tomibe)

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