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Floor units and drawer storage


Floor units and drawer storage

Large storage space in drawers

The depth of the kitchen provides a large amount of storage space. Even if the kitchen is placed in the center of the room, almost everything can be stored, which makes cooking easier and avoids cluttering up the room's interior with other storage items.


Even in an island kitchen
Ample storage capacity

The secret is 65cm deep drawers

The secret is 65cm deep drawers

Drawers with a depth of 65 cm are made possible by the 75 cm worktop. The drawers are 18 cm deeper than those of other kitchens, creating a space of 1 tsubo (500 liters) for one family's worth of cooking utensils. Large pasta pots and woks can easily fit in the drawers.


Large and beautifully packaged.

Drawer type to eliminate waste of flow line

Drawer type
Eliminate wasteful flow lines

The depth and width of the frontage create a large storage space. The drawer type eliminates the need to stoop down, thus reducing waste in the line of flow. Large pots and pans can be easily stored in the drawers, expanding the range of cooking.

Both utensils and drawers are beautifully attractive.

Both utensils and drawers are beautifully attractive.



BAY/BAY CUBE is also available as an option.



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