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Choosing storage as interior design

The LDK is considered as one space. Storage that realizes "Living Core" and is the kitchen's best partner in design.

(Core Devices ・Izola)

The entire living space is also connected at Zero flow
The entire living space is also connected at Zero flow

The entire living space is also connected at Zero flow

LDK Connecting three spaces, Core Devices Isola.
What is needed in each LDK, in fact, is storage. However, if we place three different storage spaces in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, the line of flow will remain linear in each space, and will not be connected to both spaces.
By having the storage serve as a device to connect the three LDK spaces, the three spaces can be connected in an accessible manner, creating a comfortable flow line throughout the house.

Can be combined with a variety of built-ins, including TVs and wine cellars

TV, wine cellar, etc,
Various built-ins and
TVs, wine cellars, etc.

Core Devices Isola comes in many variations, and you can choose a refrigerator or wine cellar to put food in and out of, along with storage to put things away, depending on your floor plan and use.


Living Core and parallel layout

Living Core and parallel layout

Parallel kitchen layouts are mostly wall-mounted with heating equipment. COOK ISOLA is Core Devices with heated cooking.
COOK ISOLA Then you can lay out the heating equipment in the center of the room, even in a Placing based Living Core space. You can comfortably access the dining room or living room from a distance, and the living line is close to zero.
If you install heating equipment on the wall, the line of flow in the space becomes complicated, but if you place COOK ISOLA in the center of the room, the line of flow is comfortably close to zero.

And heating equipment. Zero flow
And heating equipment. Zero flow
And heating equipment. Zero flow

And heating equipment. Zero flow

It can hold plenty of frequently used tools and seasonings for cooking in an area that is within easy reach without moving a single step. This is ideal for times when you want to concentrate on the heat or cooking without having to take your eyes off the heat for a moment.



Stripped-down simplicity

From storage for putting things away to storage that becomes the best partner for the kitchen, the center of the family and interior design. We propose a new type of storage.
We believe that the best storage is one that has both a design that matches the interior of the kitchen area and smooth workability. ORLANDO The "K" series features two types of mirrored doors that blend naturally with the LDK space, and the simple doors, stripped down to the thinnest possible surface, create a comfortable and spacious environment.


Creating an elegant space, storage that turns space into art.

Creating Elegant Spaces,
Storage that transforms space into art

From storage that only puts things away to storage as art that enriches our lives. MIAMI Storage that is no longer just about putting things away, but rather, as art that enriches your life. MIAMI The HPL creates a sense of unity in the space. You can create a beautiful "showing" and "storing" space by choosing beautiful, high-quality HPL doors in the same color as your kitchen, or glass or mirror doors that match your home.
The entire sliding door becomes a large canvas on which you can freely design your space with Venetian mosaic. Like a beautiful work of art, it creates an elegant space.

Beautiful and massive aluminum frame

Beautiful and massive aluminum frame

The thick-walled aluminum frame is polished entirely by hand. Its beautifully smooth finger touch is an original finish with a high-quality and luxurious feel. It also achieves high durability, having passed an open/close test of 80,000 times, so it can be used indefinitely for a longer period of time.

Free combination system storage

Storage that best matches the island kitchen

For island kitchens
Best Matching Storage

Built-in oven type, open door + drawer type, etc. They combine outstanding functionality for ease of use with beauty as interior design.

Wingtip (Wall-mounted storage)

Wingtip (Wall-mounted storage)

Wall-mounted storage for use at eye level. With the electric open/close system, doors can be opened and closed automatically with one-touch operation by lightly pressing the door. The flip-up door can be left open without obstruction, allowing for a fluid flow of movement in the kitchen.



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