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The best faucet for
Toyo Kitchen Style sinks

This faucet was developed to fit Toyo Kitchen Style sinks. The length to the water outlet is customized to cover wide and deep sinks. It is easy to reach and minimizes the burden on the body. There is also a faucet for Zero flow kitchen that reduces the cooking work flow line to zero.

Zero flow faucet

Single lever mixer faucet with spring hose that can be rotated 360 degrees. It switches to shower while the shower lever is pressed while the water is being dispensed. PARALLELO Sink It is an essential faucet fitting for Zero flow kitchen with

Tall Boy

Faucet covers entire large sink
Faucet covers entire large sink

Faucet covers
entire large sink

The 33cm long spout was developed to match the wide, deep sink of the Toyo Kitchen style. The water discharge lever is also as long as a woman's palm (17 cm), allowing the water to be discharged in a natural pose without tilting forward, even in deep kitchens.

Other Faucets

Grand Canyon

A faucet that can switch between water discharge and shower with a novel idea. A soft water flow is provided by the foam spout at the hand end. A shower type faucet with an extended hose provides a powerful flow of hot and cold water.


Multi-joint faucet with 360-degree water discharge in all directions


A faucet developed for medical use, which prioritizes function and cleanliness, has been improved for kitchen use. The faucet has a large control lever that can be operated with the hand, so it can be operated with the elbow or arm. Even if your hands are dirty, you can operate the faucet easily and cleanly without getting it dirty.
The form is also extremely simple. A gem of a faucet fixture.


Colorful, accessory-like, fashionable faucet. The flexible hose is thick enough for women to easily grip. The foam type also reduces splashing.


A surprise stainless steel faucet with a diameter of 6.1 cm. The splash-inspired design is also highly functional and is truly a sculpture that personalizes the kitchen. The titanium finish, similar to that of the worktop, further enhances the sense of unity and dignity of the kitchen. The conventional faucet has been elevated to a unique kitchen accessory.


The smooth beauty of the high-quality chrome plating is like a sculpture. The water outlet is equipped with LEDs all around and can be turned on and off with a switch at hand. In addition, the faucet can be extended freely as a metal hose faucet.


The simple design of this faucet will accentuate your kitchen. By moving the lever to the left or right, you can switch between cold and hot water. The shower type can be used in a wide range of areas, such as washing vegetables or washing parts of the sink that were previously unreachable, because the hose can be extended by pulling on the tip.



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