Because after a long time there was a time in Tokyo, furniture you have not seen yet in Tokyo, it was around on a look at the interior shop. Since it was often feel variety, is up to you I feel it in the future to see the sights of Tokyo by creating a little more time (laughs)
That I felt most in this, is that the exhibition of how most of the shop is not in the exhibition as a furniture of single item, has been the exhibition as a space, including the storage and lighting. It is completely changed when just before and compare. But, than was feeling a little uncomfortable while watching it, furniture, and say interior shop, but I think sometimes sofa shop is large, the sitting areas as a drawing room is really the future of housing “axis” The fact is that such whether.
Certainly a decade ago is part of as outside of the face of the “Housing”, that is the appearance of the building, around the entrance from the gate, it’s that drawing room as a drawing-room was a shaft of design I sure, but the coming of age housing and I think become the era to think about the space for the people who live in more. It is a self-flattery, but most families gather place in the house I think that it is a “kitchen”, “dining”. The case where the layers are considered the housing design and intelligent design, rather than the living as salon than an axis, the LDK including kitchen caught in the one space, and considered to be there or should not put the axis of the design have.